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  • 026 Introduction - Consonant Sounds

    Consonant sounds are made in many different ways but many speakers go wrong because they do not use their voice when they should use their voice. Consonant sounds can be voiced - as in Z: “ZZZ” - you can hear my voice, can’t you? “ZZZ”.

    Or consonant sounds can be unvoiced - as in S: “SSS” - you...

  • 027 B as in Bob and P as in Pop

    The first consonant sound we will cover is “B” as in “BIB”. This is a plosive consonant sound which simply means that the flow of air is stopped and then suddenly released: “B”

    Take special care with consonant sounds at the ends of words, that you don’t do too much with your voice so that it sou...

  • 028 T as in Tot and d as in Dot

    Continuing with the plosives we have:

    T which is not voiced and also its voiced equivalent D. Compare the two sounds and listen for the voice in the D sound:

    T/D T/D T/D T/D

    To make the T sound, press the tip of your tongue against the alveolar ridge - the gum line just above and behind your ...