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027 B as in Bob and P as in Pop

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026 Introduction - Consonant Sounds

British English Pronunciation - BUY & KEEP FOREVER • 1m 53s

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  • 027 B as in Bob and P as in Pop

    The first consonant sound we will cover is “B” as in “BIB”. This is a plosive consonant sound which simply means that the flow of air is stopped and then suddenly released: “B”

    Take special care with consonant sounds at the ends of words, that you don’t do too much with your voice so that it sou...

  • 028 T as in Tot and d as in Dot

    Continuing with the plosives we have:

    T which is not voiced and also its voiced equivalent D. Compare the two sounds and listen for the voice in the D sound:

    T/D T/D T/D T/D

    To make the T sound, press the tip of your tongue against the alveolar ridge - the gum line just above and behind your ...

  • 029 K as in Kick and G as in Gag

    The consonant C can sometimes be pronounced “S” as in “since” but here we are looking at the hard, plosive, unvoiced “K” sound indicated by both the letters C and K. So that’s “K” as in “can”. And we are also looking at its voiced equivalent “G” as in “get”.

    Compare the two sounds:

    K/G K/G K/G...