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Up Next in 2: The 7 Short Simple Vowels or Monophthongs

  • 009 OO as in BOOK

    The oo vowel is a lip vowel and so the lips should be in a rounded position but not as closely rounded as the whistling OO lip position and the back of the tongue is raised. When I first started my training I had a problem with this sound - because my lips were too relaxed, when I tried to say “L...

  • 010 U as in CUP

    The U vowel position is neutral, relaxed lips with the centre of the tongue slightly raised. Again, watch out that thus vowel isn’t distorted when it is followed by an “L”

  • 011 O as in COT

    Here is the O vowel - O as in cot. The O vowel position is a slight rounding of the lips with a flat tongue.