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Up Next in 3: The 13 Compound Vowels: 8 Diphthongs, 5 Triphthongs

  • 019 AIR as in Fair

    The next lip diphthong is

    19 AIR as in “fair”

    Which we make by combining “e” as in “Glen” with the neutral vowel “uh” as in “actor”. E-uh AIR.

    This sound is very frequently just cut clean in half. Instead of “The air there is fair.” We hear “The e the…”. Many students can find this sound very...

  • 020 OOR as in Poor

    The final lip diphthong is:

    20 OOR as in “poor”.

    This is the short monophthong “oo” as in “book” followed by the neutral vowel “uh” as in “actor”. For my U.K. students, I call this sound the “Carry On” vowel because so many characters in those old comedy movies could be frequently heard to ex...

  • 021 IRE as in Fire

    The Triphthongs are nice and easy to close with - they are 5 of the diphthongs with the neutral vowel at the end:

    EYE followed by uh gives us: IRE as in “fire”