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  • 015 OY as in Voice

    The third lip diphthong is OY as in “voice” which is made by combining AW as in door and I as in sit:

    Aw-i OY

    I often refer to this as the classic English greeting when abroad: “OY! Can I get chips with this?!”

    This is fairly straightforward but again, when this sound is followed by an “L” it ...

  • 016 EAR as in Here

    This is I as in “hit” plus the neutral “uh” as in actor. A good way to hear the full vowel is to say “eater” and then say it again but without the “T”: EAR. Often, this vowel can be cut in half so “here” becomes “he”.

  • 017 AY as in Say

    The next sound is AY as in “say” which is “E” as in “Glen” plus “I” as in “hit”. Some accents can substitute “I” as in “eye” for this sound - Eliza Doolittle, for example!