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005a Intro

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Up Next in British English Pronunciation - BUY & KEEP FOREVER

  • 005a Intro

    Welcome to the second webinar in which we will cover the seven short simple vowels or monophthongs.

    These sounds are a little trickier than the five sounds we learned last time because, as students try to listen to themselves and to get them right, there is a temptation to stretch them. This do...

  • 006 A as in CAT

    For the A vowel, your lips are neutral, released and relaxed but the front of your tongue is slightly raised. The danger with this vowel is that here in the U.K. it can become dulled or blunted - so that A in “cat” sounds closer to “U” in “cut”. Other accents - for example the German accent - can...

  • 007 I as in KIT

    The I sound again has neutral, relaxed lips but this time the front of your tongue is raised a bit further - to just under the fully raised position for the long EE sound. Try moving from the high EE position to the slightly lower I position:

    EE/I EE/I EE/I

    Can you feel that slight but vital ...