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002 EE as in EAT

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  • 002 EE as in EAT

    For the EE sound we keep the tip of the tongue where it was for AH, behind your bottom front teeth. Our jaw is less open than it was for AH, our lips are once again relaxed and we arch our tongue upwards and this gives us EE as in EAT.

  • 003 OO as in DOOM

    The OO sound needs a relaxed tongue but your lips should be rounded and pushed forward as though you’re about to whistle.

    You will feel your jaw is nearly closed and that the back of your tongue lifts up towards your soft palate – this is the movable part of the roof of your mouth that raises wh...

  • 004 AW as in AWE

    For the AW sound, the lips are still pushed forward but not so far forward as they were for OO. Your lips should be slightly rounded and the lip muscles should be engaged. The back of the tongue still comes up but it is much lower than it was for OO.