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  • 014 OW as in How

    When you see this sound transcribed phonetically, it is written as the first half of the symbol for A as in “cat” followed by the symbol for oo as in “book”. This might encourage us to produce quite a harsh sound. Something like “A-oo” - the sort of sound Henry Higgins hears from his poor student...

  • 015 OY as in Voice

    The third lip diphthong is OY as in “voice” which is made by combining AW as in door and I as in sit:

    Aw-i OY

    I often refer to this as the classic English greeting when abroad: “OY! Can I get chips with this?!”

    This is fairly straightforward but again, when this sound is followed by an “L” it ...

  • 016 EAR as in Here

    This is I as in “hit” plus the neutral “uh” as in actor. A good way to hear the full vowel is to say “eater” and then say it again but without the “T”: EAR. Often, this vowel can be cut in half so “here” becomes “he”.